HTR-088E - Retrofit TPMS Kit

All drivers can reap the benefits of a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Improved fuel economy, driver handling and road safety, to name just a few. Our Retrofit Kit enables users to quickly and easily install Hamaton's OE quality TPMS in unequipped passenger vehicles.

TPMS Retrofit Kit


  • OE quality sensors manufactured on an automated production line.
  • The sensor's laser-welded cover minimises overall weight.


  • Real-time tyre data, including tyre air pressure (up to 3.5bar)
  • Excellent solar battery charger
  • Clear colour OLED display

The TPMS Retrofit includes four sensors, receiver, non-slip mat and instructions.

Barcode: 6924478930048

Vergleichende Teilenummer: 72-20-732,