ATE-D056 - VT56 SE Unit

The ATEQ VT56 SE is a fully updateable, universal TPMS activation and scan tool, designed to investigate and store sensor data, and allow this data to be transferred to the vehicle via the OBDII socket. The VT56 SE has been designed for ease of use, featuring a 4.3 inch full-colour icon-driven display and 8 soft-keys to easily navigate through the menus.

Included within the software is a comprehensive database of vehicles, part numbers, relearn procedures, OBDII locations, a key fob RF tester, help screens and a complete history log of all vehicles serviced, which can be easily recalled at any point from the History menu.

This VT56 SE comes complete with:

  • ATEQ VT56 SE Diagnostic Tool
  • ATEQ VT56 OBDII Interface Module
  • ATEQ VT56 SE Charger
  • ATEQ VT56 Ethernet Cable

Die Nutzung von 315 MHz ist in Europa verboten.

Achtung: ATEQ stellt die Produktion des VT56 SE.

Software-Updates werden weiterhin vorhandene Geräte im Markt unterstützen.

Vergleichende Teilenummer: 72-20-657

Available Downloads

WebVT - PC-Software für Software- und Datenbank-Updates